Big Changes Happening In Central Massachusetts

Central, MA is currently undergoing a lot of changes. The area is attracting medical and technology companies which is bringing in new home buyers. The homes in Central have a wide diversity of home styles and demographics. Historical properties dating back to the 1700s dot the region. As housing prices in the Boston area increase, negatively affecting supply, more residents are looking to Central as a new location to purchase property.

The median sale price for a single family home currently sits at $260,0000, with a 10% increase from the previous year. For the past three months over 2,000 single family homes sold in Worcester county: approximately 670 in March; 685 in April; and 795 in May. Currently, inventory stands at 338 properties. The average number of days for a home on market stands at 45 days.

John Pike- Hubbardston, Massachusetts

John Pike initially came into the appraisal world to give a helping hand to his friend who runs his own appraisal company. He went through all the steps to become an appraiser, ultimately deciding to leave his previous job and become a full time appraiser. He has now been a part of the industry for 16 years in Central, MA.