Booming Construction In Bartow

There are numerous construction projects happening in the Bartow County, including single family and multi-family homes; one particular proposed project has 1,400 single family houses and 600 multi-family homes.

The median sale price for properties is $187,500, an increase from last years $172,000. The number of sales has also increased from 268 to 335 properties within a span of two months. Currently, inventory stands at 313 properties which is a slight upturn from 300 two months ago. The average number of days on market is sitting at 16, a decrease from 26 two months ago.

Natalie Ingram – Silver Creek, Georgia

Natalie was born into a family of people who work in real estate, but officially became an appraiser 13 years ago. Natalie wants every appraisal to be special, puts all her effort into each order, and is constantly looking to improve her skills.