Construction Builds New Opportunities In Bucks, PA

A number of innovative construction projects are underway including a solar manufacturing company, the Delaware River Surgical Suites which are owned by the National Surgical Centre, as well as numerous other companies. Once these buildings are finished, employment rates are expected to increase.

The median sale price for homes is currently at $312,000, an increase from $288,000 last year. Inventory has decreased 12% from this time last year. The average number of days a home is on market for is 23 days, a slight decrease from 29 days last month.

Donald Banaszek – Churchville, Pennsylvania 

Donald came to the appraisal industry 13 years ago. He has had many jobs in customer service in a number of industries, and enjoyed work where he could talk “face to face” with the people who got the work done. He thought appraising seemed like a good way to meet people who were invested in their homes and general financial well-being and became hooked. Donald brings with him a strong desire to always learn more and is never be satisfied with what he knows.