L.A. Looks to Meet Growing Demand

Jim Hudson - Los Angeles, CA

Many older commercial sites across the region are being torn down to make way for new mixed-use commercial and residential properties, including apartments and condominiums, while single family homes lag behind. The move is largely due to space. There is simply a lack of undeveloped land in the area, pushing builders to rethink older properties still standing. Prices are seeing an increase while demand stays strong. Generally speaking, there is less than a 60 day supply of available homes for sale. While the average number of days on market for properties does vary, it is consistently under 30 days.

Jim Hudson – Los Angeles, CA

Based in Los Angeles, California, Jim Hudson has been an appraiser in the county for nearly 30 years. In that time, he has constantly pushed himself to learn new tricks about his trade, keeping an open mind on how best to serve clients in his region.