Our Approach

    • Solidifi operates a technology-based marketplace where independent qualified Field Agents compete for business based on their service level performance and quality of work
    • This approach allows Solidifi to operate on a dramatically lower cost structure than traditional companies that support residential real estate mortgage services
    • Lender fees stay the same. Competent Field Agents receive a higher percentage of the fee resulting in better outcomes
Experience The Difference

Region Manager Panel Management Screen

Region-Based Management & Assignment

Geographically dedicated regional managers focus on proactively building performance-based partnerships with the best independent Field Agents in local markets. With 40+ performance and quality metrics being tracked on each agent, in real time, across the entire suite of products, Solidifi has the ability to ensure the most qualified, competent Field Agent is assigned on every order.

The New Standard in Accountability – The PerforMAX Scorecard

Driving local market competition, the Solidifi Field Agent score card clearly outlines how an agent is performing compared to the top 25% in their region. The feedback, coupled with rewarding performance with volume, drives improved outcomes.

Appraiser Scorecard

Regulatory Compliance Leaders

With all the regulatory changes focused on improving the appraisal process, compliance is a top priority for lenders-as it should be. It’s certainly a critical focus for Solidifi. Taking a proactive approach, Solidifi is compliant with all State and Federal laws as well as appraisal guidelines. UAD assessment technology ensures our reports are UAD compliant. And we are registered and held in high standing in all states requiring AMC licensing.