Growth Visits South Tamaqua

Diane Sharpless- South Tamaqua, PA

After the decade’s last downturn which saw some negative effects, the region is experiencing increasing sales prices with lower marketing times. The city of Allentown in Lehigh County has been seen a lot of growth in the past few years, and the recent addition of The PPL Center is a major attraction in the area that has inspired significant upgrades in the surrounding properties, increasing traffic to the city center.

In the Lehigh Valley, the median price last month was $440,000, up slightly from $432,000 the previous month. This is a huge contrast the Schuylkill County area, which had a median of $340,000 in many areas. The number of homes sold during the same time frame were 1,539 and and 1,669 respectively. Current inventory in Lehigh Valley is 1,643, while the average number of days on market for a property in the Lehigh Valley was 86 this month, up from 79 last month.

Diane Sharpless – South Tamaqua, PA

Five years ago, Diane Sharpless was working as a real estate broker when valuations began to pique her interest. Determined to pursue new possibilities, she began taking classes and found herself intrigued. The more she learned about valuations, the more she was drawn to the field. Thanks to her years of experience in sales, her deep knowledge of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, Diane was able to hit the ground running, and continues to produce quality reports with East PA Realty Services. A persevering person by nature, Diane is currently using her spare time to complete her Bachelor of Science.