Solidifi successfully launches EXTRAORDINARY APPRAISERS Program to the mortgage industry

Buffalo, NY, July 11, 2013 — Solidifi, the country’s third largest independent provider of residential real estate appraisals and appraisal service provider of choice for 50% of the top 50 lenders in the U.S., turned the spotlight on top appraisers in the industry with the launch of its EXTRAORDINARYAPPRAISER Program.

“Our core strength is the elite network of Solidifi PerforMAX™ appraisers we have built up across the country,” says Andrew Bough, Chief Valuations Officer at Solidifi. “But so often these top appraisers are the unsung heroes of the valuation process. We decided to change that by creating the EXTRAORDINARYAPPRAISER program to recognize their efforts and turn the spotlight on the great work they’re doing on behalf of lenders, homeowners and the mortgage industry.”

The EXTRAORDINARYAPPRAISERS are local experts from across the country and have proven time and again to go above and beyond for Solidifi’s lender clients and borrowers. In fact, each Solidifi PerforMAX™ appraiser is benchmarked against their peers using dozens of metrics to ensure strong performance, quality, expertise and customer service. “Our regional appraiser partner managers work one-on-one with and personally assess each appraiser in their market to ensure a high level of effectiveness on all levels,” says Bough. “At any given time, we know exactly which appraiser is best suited for a given assignment and each of our appraisers competes for business based on their performance. It’s a key differentiator for us and a key competitive advantage for our lender clients.”

That’s why Solidifi chose to recognize those all-important efforts and expertise on a grand scale by launching the EXTRAORDINARYAPPRAISER program and hosting the inaugural recognition event recently at the annual Valuation Expo in Las Vegas. 30 EXTRAORDINARYAPPRAISERS were celebrated at a private reception (see the complete list of honourees below). “It was an honor to be recognized for something I often take for granted,” says Paul Lewis, Independent Appraiser, Orono, MN. “In a profession full of deadlines and stress, it’s nice to know that my efforts are appreciated.”

Paul Lewis and each of the 30 EXTRAORDINARYAPPRAISERS recognized in Las Vegas as well as future EXTRAORDINARYAPPRAISERS will be regularly featured at “We invite you to log on to to learn more about these unsung heroes,” says Bough.

These top performers are supported by Solidifi’s industry leading technology and analytics platform, which identifies the right appraiser for each assignment up front. In effect, Solidifi is using technology to build efficiency throughout the appraisal process, increase quality, drive costs out and improve the client experience. It’s a winning value proposition all around: the appraisers are top of their field and are highly compensated for their efforts at no additional cost to the lender. The lender receives the right information the first time with no additional costs because the system is streamlined and designed to drive performance. The lender also benefits from Solidifi’s focus on being the best provider of real estate appraisals in the market.

That’s because the Solidifi PerforMAX™ appraiser network is comprised of the most competent appraisers in the business. They raise the bar in terms of service, quality and professionalism. “And that’s why we want to show our appreciation and share with the world the great work they are doing,” says Bough. “It’s time to celebrate these EXTRAordinary Appraisers.”

Solidifi’s Inaugural EXTRAordinary Appraisers:

  • JoDean Brewer, Castle Rock, CO
  • Amber Brooks, Phoenix, AZ
  • Nikki Brown, San Diego, CA
  • Blake Childs, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Jason Doll, Wichita, KS
  • Anne Elmes, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Pat Felvey, Genoa, IL
  • Mark Giannini, Steubenville, OH
  • Teresa Gillis, San Jose, CA
  • Pat Grengs, Little Canada, MN
  • Christopher Hickman, Las Vegas, NV
  • Stacy Hosmer, Cutler Bay, FL
  • Aaron Johnson, Las Vegas, NV
  • Mark Levering, Henderson, NV
  • Paul Lewis, Orono, MN
  • Anne Macier, San Marcos, CA
  • Michael Massa, Fairfield , CT
  • Jon Nishikawa, Meridian, ID
  • Antranik Papazian, Las Vegas, NV
  • Matt Rayburn, Warrenville, IL
  • Mark Reed, Goodyear, AZ
  • Priam Rosenberg, Miami, FL
  • Paul Rowe, Park Ridge, IL
  • Carmen Smith, Brookfield, IL
  • Steven Somerville, Tampa, FL
  • Vincent Tamburello, Smithtown, NY
  • Andrew Turley, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Steve Varon, San Francisco, CA
  • Jed Wiltchik, Irvine, CA
  • Mark Yarkin, San Ramon, CA

About Solidifi
Solidifi is the 3rd largest independent provider of residential real estate appraisals in the US. Today Solidifi is the appraisal service provider of choice for 50% of the top 50 lenders. The organization offers a flexible technology platform for procuring collateral valuations from an elite network of over 23,000 high quality appraisers who openly compete for business based on quality, speed and price. Solidifi`s parent company Real Matters is ranked 21st on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500. Solidifi is located in Buffalo, NY. Additional information about Solidifi is available at

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