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Dear valued clients, partners, and visitors,

As you are aware, Southwest Financial Services, Ltd. was acquired by Solidifi in May 2015. This exciting integration allows for a robust suite of solutions for our lender partners, combining innovative home equity product offerings with Solidifi US Inc.’s excellence in purchase and refinance and it’s 100 000+ network of field agents.

Please note, at present all systems and functionality will remain the same – system, portal access, phone numbers, and contact information that you have become used to with Southwest Financial Services, Ltd.  These pages will now look different because of re-branding, but the usability is exactly the same.  You will continue to receive the exceptional customer service and quality both companies are known for.

Links to log in, join our network, and visit the Solidifi US Inc. corporate site are conveniently located to your right.


Thank you for your continued support and partnership,

The Southwest Financial Services Ltd./Solidifi US Inc. Team