Texas Sets A New Record

According to the Austin Board of Realtors, central Texas has had yet another record breaking year for total homes sold, as affordability in Austin and the surrounding area continues to attract potential buyers. New construction has sprouted up in the outer regions of the city, with properties in more centralized locations seeing redevelopment.

The price of homes increased by 5.4 % to $299,900 in the last year, and home sales increased annually by 2.4% to 30,059 sales. That’s a new all-time high for the area.

Betty Wangler – Austin, TX

Betty Wangler was drawn to appraising thanks to the industry’s dynamic professional environment while still affording her the flexibility to raise her young family. A experienced real estate broker since 1982, Betty had first-hand knowledge of the buyer’s experience, and knew what impacted the marketability and value of properties. In transitioning to appraising, she has consistently demonstrated expertise and used her skills to provide clients in Travis County with a superior appraisal experience. She currently works on behalf of Austin Area Appraisal Group, LLC.