Solidifi PerforMAX

Two Distinct Appraisal Procurement Services

Every Lender is unique … it only makes sense that you should be able to outsource your appraisal process and work with professional appraisers as you define it. 

Welcome to Solidifi – the next generation of appraisal management.

Solidifi offers Lenders the choice of using Solidifi’s elite national panel through PerforMAX™ or exclusively using their existing trusted Appraiser network through Smartflex™, or a combination of both.  We ensure all Appraisers maintain specific qualifications, designations, insurance and licenses.  Our proactive service management and end-to-end quality control process will also ensure you are delivered a high quality appraisal that meets industry regulations and Lender guidelines.

Deloitte Technology Fast500


Unprecedented order volume, appropriate independence standards and good fees–there’s never been a better time to be a professional, tech savvy, quality-focused appraiser. And the best appraisers have never been busier. They’ve also never been more committed. With the launch of the Solidifi EXTRAORDINARY APPRAISER program, it’s time to celebrate Solidifi’s top performers, featured appraisers that demonstrate quality, and going above and beyond for the lender and the homeowner are part of their DNA.

Paul Lewis, Orono, MN


“Spring is finally here and the warmer weather is giving a much needed boost to the residential real estate market in Hennepin County, MN. The polar vortex, extreme cold and heavy snowfall led to a …

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Annette Young, Columbus, OH


“Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington, Ohio has been renovated and revitalized. The street features new shops, an apartment complex called The Lane, a hotel and a brand new Whole Foods. The redevelopment has given a …

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Douglas Cope, Farmington Hills, MI


“The good news is we are coming out of a terrible winter season, both physically and economically. The market was depressed from an activity standpoint and values flattened out as winter persisted. As we emerge …

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