Next Generation Mortgage Services

Solidifi is a leading independent provider of valuation and closing services supporting residential real estate mortgage services. The company has built a strong reputation and partnership with tens of thousands of independent qualified Field Agents. Today, Solidifi is the mortgage service provider of choice for more than 60 of the top 100 lenders.

Our Difference

Our Approach

Solidifi operates a technology-based marketplace where independent property professionals compete for business based on their service level performance and quality of work. This approach allows Solidifi to operate on a dramatically lower cost structure than traditional valuations service companies. Lender fees stay the same. Competent field agents receive a higher percentage of the fee resulting in better outcomes.

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The Extraordinary Appraiser designation is a recognized symbol of excellence throughout the industry and a source of pride for those outstanding appraisers holding this title. Every year since the launch of the program in 2013, field agents have strived to…

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Inside Solidifi

Building a great company depends on great people. No two Solidifiers are the same, save for a passion in life, which we believe translates to a passion for work. We hire leaders, breed leaders, and celebrate leadership as a quality. We strive for Solidifiers to prosper and…

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