Solidifi Annual Survey

The Solidifi® Consumer Mortgage Experience Survey takes an expansive look inside the borrower’s experience, including what motivates them, how they select a lender and what drives satisfaction with their lender. Our survey focuses on the consumer experience during the valuation and closing processes, uncovering insights about what ultimately drives consumer preferences and expectations.

As the largest AMC in the nation and leading independent title agent, Solidifi helps families build and invest in their future through real estate. You can rely on our network of trusted professionals to help make the homeownership experience extraordinary, every time.


Providing an Extraordinary Experience Continues to Drive Future Business

Alongside the annual Solidifi 2023 Consumer Mortgage Experience Survey, the Solidifi 2023 Future Plans of Homeowners Survey was conducted to explore how market conditions influence borrowers' future real estate plans. The Solidifi 2023 Future Plans Survey revealed that while affordability is an increasing concern, many borrowers are adjusting their expectations and are willing to compromise to be able to buy a home for their family to grow and thrive.


Rising interest rates and concerns of home affordability have given borrowers pause for concern on their future plans as the mortgage industry continues to slow. With the new gig economy, flexible workplaces continue to drive consumers’ choice to be homeowners versus renters. The question remains: will borrowers wait out the market to make their next purchase decision or leverage the buying power of the equity in their homes?

The Solidifi 2022 Consumer Mortgage Experience Survey took a comprehensive look at the borrower’s experience from what drives their decision-making to how their satisfaction results in future business. In addition, this year, we conducted the new Solidifi 2022 Future Plans of Homeowners Survey to gauge homeowners future plans and sentiment around the market and their future plans to invest in real estate.

Solidifi 2022 Consumer Solidifi Mortgage Experience Survey


In-Person Interactions During the Mortgage Process Drive Trust and Customer Satisfaction in a Digitally Dependent World

The third annual Consumer Mortgage Experience Survey revealed that 81% of borrowers prefer an in-person closing as it instills a greater level of trust and because buying a home is one of the single largest investments in their life. In a digitally dependent society, homeowners continue to want in-person interactions when purchasing and refinancing their home.

Solidifi 2021 Consumer Solidifi Mortgage Experience Survey


The Majority of Borrowers Still Want to Close In-Person Even Though Three Out of Five Borrowers Want Digital Enhancements to Support the Process

More than half of borrowers preferred to review documents digitally at the beginning of the process and use eSignatures for documents in advance of closing. Yet, an overwhelming majority of borrowers, 87%, confirmed that they still want to close in-person where they can be walked through the process face-to-face.

Solidifi 2020 Consumer Solidifi Mortgage Experience Survey


While Consumers Want a More Digital Experience at the Closing Table, the Majority Still Prefer to Close in Person

81% of consumers would prefer to close in person – reinforcing the importance of having a professional and qualified closing agent at the table as they proceed through the closing process on a home purchase or refinance. The survey also found that 70% of consumers would like a more digital process at the closing table.

Solidifi 2019 Consumer Solidifi Mortgage Experience Survey