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For more than a decade, Solidifi® has been applying its network management capabilities to the residential lending industry. Designed with a focus on getting quality right at the front-end of the process, the Solidifi network management platform is an open field professional network where performance is tracked and managed in real time. Solidifi’s national network is regionally managed, and has the capacity to scale and deliver better performance across the country. Solidifi provides the breadth of expertise and local knowledge required to find the best qualified appraiser for every mortgage transaction through robust credential management and real-time scorecarding of appraisers. The platform also features consumer appraiser ratings which are integral to continually driving performance improvements.

Geographically Dedicated Region Managers

We proactively build performance-based relationships and capacity with top appraisers in local markets.

Real-Time Scorecards with Performance and Quality Metrics

We track appraiser performance in real time to ensure the most qualified, competent local appraiser is assigned.

Consumer or Real Estate Agent Driven Scheduling

We meet 95% of preferred inspection appointment times for consumers and real estate agents.

Our Valuation Services

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