Rewarding Performance and Professionalism

Our independent notary network delivers best-in-class customer satisfaction ratings. They’re committed professionals who go above and beyond for both the lender and the borrower. Solidifi® rewards notaries who strive to provide an extraordinary experience. With the nation’s largest lenders as clients, Solidifi can offer top-performing notaries on our network more exposure and more assignments.

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The Solidifi Notary Network app gives notaries access to the primary functions of the full web platform from their mobile device. Notaries can review the details of and accept new assignments, send and receive messages with the Notary Network team, complete milestones, and verify paid orders, all from within the app.

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The procedures are clearly communicated, and there is a definite culture of teamwork. The support they give to notaries working with them is outstanding.

Alexis Little, NC


I love working with Solidifi! Our relationship has been growing for the past couple years. The fees are great and reasonable for the packages.

Jenny Amsden, CO


It’s a rare experience in this business to find a title company with this much concern for the entire closing process.

SK Holt Clark, AZ


The process to become a partner was smooth and the notary support team is fantastic!  

Chris Crockett, TX


Experience Extraordinary

The Extraordinary designation is a recognized symbol of excellence throughout the industry and a source of pride for those outstanding professionals holding this title. Every year, independent field professionals have the opportunity to earn this highly esteemed title.

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Solidifi’s entire network is regularly benchmarked against specific key metrics and operational standards by region-specific managers, looking for those individuals who demonstrate high levels of Solidifi’s top three values: outstanding performance, customer service, and commitment to quality. These individuals are committed to their profession, going above and beyond for the lender and borrower.

Market Insights from Extraordinary Professionals