Solidifi® operates a technology-based marketplace where independent professionals like appraisers and notaries compete for business based on their service level and quality of work.

Lenders trust that the field professionals we send to their customers’ homes will be good stewards of their reputation. They also know that these professionals can handle the exceptions and modifications that sometimes become necessary, making the process seamless for their customers.

First-Time Quality

Scalable Network

Extraordinary Customer Experience

Solidifi for Lenders

With one of the largest independent professional networks across the nation, Solidifi leverages technology and appraiser partnerships to deliver industry-leading quality and faster turn times.

Solidifi for Appraisers & Notaries

Our network delivers best-in-class customer satisfaction ratings. They’re committed professionals who go above and beyond for both the lender and the borrower.

Building Lifetime Partnerships in Business

We have a strong track record of building partnerships with tens of thousands of independent qualified field professionals including appraisers, notaries and attorneys. Our goal is to empower our panel of independent field professionals so they can perform at the highest level and grow their business.

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