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The Extraordinary Appraiser designation is a recognized symbol of excellence throughout the industry and a source of pride for those outstanding professionals holding this title. Every year since the launch of the program in 2013, independent Field Agents have strived to reach a tier of excellence that Solidifi, and the industry as a whole, regard with prestige. Every month our entire network is benchmarked against specific key metrics and operational standards by region-specific managers, looking for those individuals who demonstrate high levels of Solidifi’s top three values: outstanding performance, customer service, and commitment to quality. These Field Agents are committed professionals, going above and beyond for the lender and homeowner. We hold those with the Extraordinary designation in the highest regard, and treat them as such.


It’s a Lifestyle

At the heart of what we do is a commitment to partnership and collaboration. Our goal at Solidifi is to empower our panel of independent Field Agent professionals so they can perform at the highest level, and build on their business success.


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Diversity Shows in Allegany County

Joy Woodruff - Bolivar, NY The “local” area covers hundreds of square miles in the foothills of the Allegheny mountains. The markets include many small villages and two very small cities. The area is quite diverse, having small lake communities, … Learn more >>

Blue Ash Enjoys Three Years of Increases

Joseph Zajac - Cincinnati, OH Home values in my neighbourhood, Blue Ash, are up 23% over the past three years. In an effort to meet the ever increasing demand for housing, new construction is taking place throughout the Blue Ash … Learn more >>

Montgomery Bustling with New Development

Michael Taylor - Montgomery, TX Besides the Houston Astros having the best record in major league baseball this year the big news in my neighbourhood is that there is a ton of new construction both in and around my community. … Learn more >>

Summer Surge Hits Salt Lake

Troy Anderson - Salt Lake, UT\ The combination of low unemployment, good incomes, healthy overall economy and steady appreciation, has made Utah one of the most solid housing markets in the nation. Even though appreciation is expected to slow in 2017, … Learn more >>

New Growth Springs Up in Colorado

Kay Dailey - Colorado Springs, CO Growth taking place in the Denver/Front Range market is spilling over into Colorado Springs. As new home construction continues to ramp up in the north and northeastern parts of the country, there is talk of … Learn more >>

A Tale of Two Cities in Minnesota

The Minneapolis and St. Paul areas had an interesting spring market, with the supply of listings in the area steadily decreasing. This has been steadily driving down the days on market, and driving up the … Learn more >>

Why Portland is Seeing Promise

Steve Clark - Portland, OR Portland continues to be one of the hottest markets in the nation. The city is seeing promising construction projects spring up all over the city. The boom includes apartment buildings, townhomes, and condos, and small … Learn more >>

When Greenville is A City on the Rise

Paul Ryll - South Carolina In South Carolina, Greenville is an up-and-coming city. Industry is flocking to the area, and construction is nearly constant with new projects beginning almost daily. On top of all this new activity, new multi-family properties … Learn more >>

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Natural Disasters and Appraising

Natural Disasters & Appraising Banner “In the end, it was the flooding that did us all in.”

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“Solidifi has done a great job backing the appraiser by marrying today’s obligations for appraisers…”

Raymond Page — Brentwood, CA Featured Solidifi EXTRAORDINARY APPRAISER