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The Extraordinary designation is a recognized symbol of excellence throughout the industry and a source of pride for those outstanding professionals holding this title. Every year since the launch of the program in 2013, independent Field Agents have strived to reach a tier of excellence that Solidifi, and the industry as a whole, regard with prestige. Every month our entire network is benchmarked against specific key metrics and operational standards by region-specific managers, looking for those individuals who demonstrate high levels of Solidifi’s top three values: outstanding performance, customer service, and commitment to quality. These Field Agents are committed professionals, going above and beyond for the lender and homeowner. We hold those with the Extraordinary designation in the highest regard, and treat them as such.


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At the heart of what we do is a commitment to partnership and collaboration. Our goal at Solidifi is to empower our panel of independent Field Agent professionals so they can perform at the highest level, and build on their business success.


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Spring Surge Visits Cook County

Valerie Kelly - Austin, TX With the beginning of Spring comes anticipation of increased market activity, and rising property values. In Cook County, the majority of the area has already been developed. However, there are a few pockets that are seeing … Learn more >>

High Tech Visits Wisconsin

The big news in the area comes from the manufacturing sector, with industry giant Foxconn announcing it’s coming to southeastern Wisconsin. The move will bring new employees to the area, and the company is already … Learn more >>

Texas Sets A New Record

According to the Austin Board of Realtors, central Texas has had yet another record breaking year for total homes sold, as affordability in Austin and the surrounding area continues to attract potential buyers. New construction … Learn more >>

San Antonio’s Solid Growth

Michael Rushing - Spring Branch, TX In Spring Branch, there is significant new home construction as we move deeper into the spring season. This is also true of commercial developments, as the region expands to meet the demands of a growing … Learn more >>

Building Boom Visits Brooklyn

Anthony Gunther - Brooklyn, NY The neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn has seen increased interest lately, with many residential buildings now being rehabilitated. In Queens, the former industrial neighborhood of Long Island City is being developed with high-rise condominiums. Developers … Learn more >>

Construction Speeds Up Commutes

Mouna Karas – Haymarket, VA In Prince William County, the one issue that constantly occupies people’s minds when it comes to evaluating a property is its proximity to Washington, D.C. Up and down Route 66, HOV lanes are being upgraded, … Learn more >>

California Breaks New Ground

Michael Jeffries - Murrieta, CA The five cities that make up the Inland Empire (Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Wildomar, and Winchester) remain popular as affordable bedroom communities for nearby metro centers Los Angeles and San Francisco. Winchester in particular is set … Learn more >>

Idaho’s Rapid Construction

Randall Barnes - Eagle, ID Idaho has had the largest percentage increase in population of any state in the nation, according to the most recent US census, and is expected to grow 3 times faster than the national average. Because … Learn more >>

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Motivated by a high-concept blend of novelty and luxury, the modern highrise is beginning to take shape, and take over America’s skylines.

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Humbled by Your Kind Words

“The staff at Solidifi are very helpful and their portal system to track and send reports is great.”

– Dawn M. Aviles, IL

“Well-run organization with good respect and understanding of the appraiser in the field.”

– Douglas Yee, CA

“I have enjoyed working with Tyler Sleap at Solidifi. I even referred an appraiser that was added to the panel.”

– Anne D. Murray, OH