HousingWire Announces the 2024 Rising Stars

DALLAS, Texas — Today, HousingWire announced the 2024 class of Rising Stars. The award spotlights 80 leaders ages 40 years and younger who are driving the mortgage, real estate and fintech industries forward.

HousingWire’s selection committee chose this year’s Rising Stars based on their professional achievements within their organizations, contributions to the overall housing economy, community outreach, client impact and personal success.

Jillian Downing

“The Rising Stars award is one of my favorite industry awards because it reinforces the bright future that exists in mortgage and real estate,” HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Sarah Wheeler said. “In an industry that has experienced its share of challenges and successes, these young leaders bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas and a relentless drive to shape the future of the industry, and I am continuously impressed by the level of talent that we see each year.”

Each year, the winners represent standout professionals in housing. The list includes entrepreneurs, marketers, operations experts, technology innovators and many more. While the winners represent a wide variety of industry functions, they all demonstrate leadership and innovation that inspires not only those within their own organizations but in their communities and in the industry at large.

“The most outstanding leaders are forged in times of crisis. As the housing industry navigates the higher-for-longer rate environment, many emerging leaders have come to the surface to guide their companies, teams and clients to a more successful and promising future,” said Clayton Collins, CEO of HW Media. “Through Rising Stars, HousingWire has identified these leaders who are making their mark with leadership qualities and innovative ideas. The future will look different, and I’m confident these Rising Stars will play prominent roles in housing’s forward evolution.”

The 2024 Rising Stars list:

Kristin Aerts
Lola Akibola
A.T Almeida
Leeann Ardoyno
Darby Campbell
Anaid Chacón
Jonathan Chao
Ryan Clay
Tyler Doolittle
Tomer Dorfan
Jillian Downing
Jennifer Edwards
Prachi Gadiya
Nicolas Gaudino
Helen Ghebremichael
Jeremy Green
James Grout
Arkadiusz Halaj
Jake Hamilton
Mitch Hartshorne
Brian Hawkins
Sarah Hellman
Alnur Kassim-Lakha
Ryan Kaufman
Kyle Koller
Michael Kowaleski
Joseph Krall

Mansoor Bahramand
Sydney Barber
Maria Barrios
Leslie Black
Tatyana Krol
Peter Kuruc
Tyler Lewris
William Loser
Amy Macken
Olivia Mariani
Dan McAlister
Kevin McCarthy
McKenna McCormick
Caitlin McCrory
Mark McDonough
Heather McLaughlin
Shane Miller
Brennan O’Connell
Adi Pavlovic
Becky Perrine
Monica Raciti
Julie Raisch
Kyle Risko
Nuria Rivera
Dominique Rogers
Jenna Rozenblat
Brian Sandrib

Nick Boniakowski
Lauren Bowen
Tra’Vell Brown
Michael Brucato
Kyle Schoenmaker
Samantha Shelton
Abhishek Shende
Xander Snyder
Vincent Socci
Sean Soderstrom
Taylor Somera
Wayne Stanley
Colleen Stright
Jensen Szakaly
Brando Tessar
Bryan Traeger
Jocelyn Vas
Dan Vasquez
Ying Wang
Brent Watson
Blaine Welgraven
Josh Woodward
Melissa Wooldridge
Carl Wooloff
Jillian Young
Donna Zhao

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