About Us

Solidifi is a leading independent provider of valuation and closing services supporting residential real estate mortgage services. The company has built a strong reputation and partnership with tens of thousands of independent qualified field professionals. Today, Solidifi is the mortgage service provider of choice for more than 60 of the top 100 lenders.

Understanding the power of technology to boost productivity both internally and for clients, Solidifi’s team is made up of mortgage industry specialists and technology innovators. The company has invested millions of dollars in its leading SaaS-based platform supported by a dedicated technology team. Solidifi’s national headquarters is located in Buffalo, NY.

Established in 2004, Solidifi’s parent company Real Matters is one of North America’s fastest growing, innovative technology companies. Real Matters combines proprietary technology and network management capabilities with tens of thousands of independent qualified field professionals to create a marketplace for mortgage lending and insurance industry services. Field professionals, such as residential real estate appraisers, compete to deliver performance-driven services, bringing superior quality, transparency, and efficiency to traditionally high-touch, costly, labour intensive, and lengthy processes.

Our Difference

Our Approach

Solidifi operates a technology-based marketplace where independent property professionals compete for business based on their service level performance and quality of work.

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Consisting of the industry’s top talent and thinkers, the Solidifi Leadership Team represents a broad range of experience continuously ensuring a best-in-class offering.

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Inside Solidifi

Building a great company depends on great people. No two Solidifiers are the same, save for a passion in life, which we believe translates into a passion for work. We hire leaders, breed leaders, and celebrate leadership as a quality.

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