Solidifi Marks its 10th Anniversary of Celebrating Extraordinary and Expands the Program to Promote Mentorship and New Professionals in the Mortgage Industry

BUFFALO, NY and NASHVILLE, TN (October 25, 2022) – Solidifi announced today the 10th anniversary of its Extraordinary Network Program honoring the top independent field professionals for outstanding performance, exceptional customer service and commitment to quality.

“Solidifi sets the bar in the mortgage industry for professionalism and excellence with our Extraordinary Program,” said Solidifi President Loren Cooke. “We are excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary and are looking forward to welcoming the next generation of appraisers and notaries into this esteemed designation as we expand the program to appraiser supervisors and trainees as part of the Appraiser Diversity Initiative (“ADI”).”

“This year we expanded the Extraordinary Network Program with the launch of the Solidifi Extraordinary Supervisor and Trainee designations at the Valuation Expo in Las Vegas,” added Cooke. “This new program was built in conjunction with our commitment to the ADI with the objective of bringing new professionals into the industry to better serve the homebuyers and sellers of tomorrow. Our appraisers, supervisors and trainees have been humbled to receive this recognition and were excited to be acknowledged for giving back to the industry.”

“Our network of Extraordinary field professionals continues to rise to the occasion to exceed the expectations of our clients – creating memorable experiences for homeowners at every interaction. It is this dedication to performance and commitment to quality that continues to make the homeownership experience extraordinary and that drives our lender partners’ business,” concluded Cooke.

Solidifi reviews the thousands of independent field professionals that we work with to identify those who demonstrate high levels of Solidifi’s top three values: outstanding performance, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to quality. The Extraordinary designation is a recognized symbol of excellence throughout the industry and a source of pride for those outstanding professionals holding this title. It acknowledges appraisers and notaries as committed professionals that go above and beyond for the lender and homeowner. Every year, independent field professionals have the opportunity to earn this highly esteemed title. Solidifi holds our Extraordinaries in the highest regard and views them as valued partners to the Solidifi team.