Experienced closing professionals, milestone tracking and real-time scorecards to create an extraordinary customer journey

Washington D.C. and Buffalo, NY (October 15, 2018) – Solidifi today announced that it is bringing Extraordinary to the closing process with the launch of its Extraordinary Closing Professionals program. The Company marked this milestone with the induction of its first Extraordinary Closing Professionals at the MBA Annual Convention in Washington D.C.

“We are thrilled to be ushering in a new era in title and closing – putting the customer experience at the forefront of what we do,” said Solidifi President, Loren Cooke. “Solidifi has an established reputation for working with the industry’s leading appraisers to earn a homeowner approval rating of over 95%. We’re now taking that same approach with the closing experience, putting our proprietary network management capabilities and access to the Nation’s leading closing professionals to work for lenders.”

The closing experience is a crucial touchpoint for a homeowner when buying or refinancing a home. In a competitive market where digital capabilities have become table stakes, having the right closing professionals has a significant impact on how customers rate their overall experience with their lender. Solidifi works with experienced closing professionals to offer a truly exceptional customer journey.

“I’m honored to be recognized by Solidifi for my professionalism and performance,” said Elizabeth Dalhke-Williams, NNA and former paralegal in Prince William County, VA. “Being a notary and closing professionals is a career choice for me. Solidifi’s platform strikes the perfect balance between the importance of business acumen and customer service that’s required to make customers comfortable at the closing table.”

Solidifi’s platform provides seamless and transparent communication. Milestones are designed to track the progress of the closing and provide crucial real-time updates to lenders and their customers.

“In today’s competitive mortgage market, a truly extraordinary customer experience goes beyond digital. It’s the human touch points that can really make a difference,” said Solidifi President Loren Cooke. “Solidifi is at the very center of two of those interactions with valuations and closings – and we strive to make it an extraordinary customer experience, every time.”