Drives efficiencies for lenders and creates a better consumer experience

Denver, CO and Buffalo, NY (October 23, 2017) – Solidifi’s inspection scheduling is creating a better experience for consumers by allowing them to select appointment times that are based on data about the availability and capacity of the best qualified local appraiser on its network. Through its logistics capabilities, Solidifi is able to offer consumers realistic options for inspection times which drives better fulfillment of appointment preferences.

“Logistics capabilities are at the core of our network management offering. We’re better positioned to meet consumer and lender expectations because we start with our knowledge of the network,” said Solidifi President, Loren Cooke. “That’s how we’re able to meet 95% of consumers’ preferred inspection times. It’s also why 88% of our desktop with inspection service in the home equity channel is fully completed by the appraiser. We work with our field professionals to deliver higher quality and better fulfillment.”

Solidifi’s platform features logistics capabilities that allow for a smarter assignment of work based on qualifications, capacity and availability on the network. Solidifi is able to bundle orders for appraisers on its network to fulfill the demand for services like desktops with inspection alongside traditional valuation services – making appraisers more efficient and reducing turn-times for lenders – while maintaining high quality standards.

Enhanced Inspection Scheduling

Solidifi works with tens of thousands of field professionals to optimize how it assigns the best qualified appraiser in a specific region at a specific time. When the appraisal order is placed with Solidifi, consumers receive an e-mail notification allowing them to choose their preferred inspection times based on current availability. Consumers can select their preferred appointment times with just a few clicks – no app to download – making it simpler and more convenient for them.

“Solidifi’s inspection scheduling works with my schedule, not around it – I control my calendar but they take the hassle out of scheduling for me,” said Bob McNamara, certified appraiser in Chicago, IL. “I choose to work with Solidifi because they have a great appreciation for the appraiser profession – they recognize our challenges and are always there to help. Innovations like this are a great example of what sets them apart.”

Network Management

For more than a decade, Solidifi has been applying its network management capabilities to the residential lending industry, and has become one of the fastest growing providers of valuation, title and closing services. Designed with a focus on getting quality right at the front-end of the process, the Solidifi network management platform is an open field professional network where performance is tracked and managed in real time. Solidifi’s national network is regionally managed, and has the capacity to scale and deliver better performance across the country. Solidifi provides the breadth of expertise and local knowledge required to find the best qualified field professional for every mortgage transaction through robust credential management and scorecarding of top field professionals. The platform also features consumer field professional ratings which are integral to continually driving performance improvements.

“We have always worked closely with our field professionals to understand their capacity and availability. Enhanced inspection scheduling is simply an evolution of what our network management platform can offer. It allows us to solve for convenience on both sides of the equation,” said Solidifi President Loren Cooke. “Our logistics capabilities continue to drive greater efficiencies for lenders on the Solidifi platform while offering new ways to improve the consumer residential lending experience.”