Clarksburg Keeps On Growing

The Clarksburg, MD area is continuously growing. Along with residential areas constantly being expanded and developed, there is the possibility of a new retail center being constructed in town. These two opportunities are driving new homeowners to the region with hopes of pursuing new employment opportunities. The community is primed for tremendous growth. 

The median sale price for properties currently sits $475,000, a slight increase from $446,500 last year, which is a 6.4% upturn. The number of sales went from 949 in March to 1,312 in May. Currently, inventory stands at 1,901 properties, an increase over the 1,815 properties available in March. The average number of days on market has dropped from 13 to 9 days.  

Melanie Irvine – Germantown, MD

Melanie Irvine was attracted to a career as an appraiser because she saw the possibility of one day running her own business and loved the idea of not being stuck behind a desk from nine-to-five. A certified appraiser for 15 years now in Montgomery County, MD, Melanie has seen a lot of changes in the industry. She feels her ability to be open-minded to these changes has allowed her to adapt and grow, improving the quality of her appraisal work and her ability to maintain good business relationships with clients.