High Tech Visits Wisconsin

The big news in the area comes from the manufacturing sector, with industry giant Foxconn announcing it’s coming to southeastern Wisconsin. The move will bring new employees to the area, and the company is already working with local developers to build new high-tech housing to accommodate them.

New housing developments are coming to several counties, defined by a mixture of residential apartments and commercial properties blended together to provide a wide range of affordances for residents. Inventory is currently lower for the season, causing buyers to move quickly. Developers, looking to capitalize on the needs fostered by Milwaukee’s new streetcar transit, are looking to redevelop old offices into apartment buildings in the downtown core.

Currently, single family homes have a median sales price of $194,000, up slightly from $181,000 during this time last year. Inventory has decreased month-over-month, from 982 to 696 family homes on market, as has the average number of days spent on market for properties, falling from 50 to 47 days.

Laura Zieske – West Allis, WI

Laura Zieske didn’t have to look far for inspiration to become an appraiser. Her husband had already established himself in the industry and, intrigued by his work, she decided to join herself. She trained with her husband, became a certified appraiser and has served Milwaukee County for the past 14 years. A lifelong learner, Laura enjoys discovering new trends out in the field and applying them to her work. She is also dedicated to passing along her knowledge and expertise to the next generation.