San Antonio’s Solid Growth

Michael Rushing - Spring Branch, TX

In Spring Branch, there is significant new home construction as we move deeper into the spring season. This is also true of commercial developments, as the region expands to meet the demands of a growing populous. In addition to new construction, older properties are being revitalized. Taken together, there is an overall increase in the need for appraisal products. Days on Market remains fairly steady at an average of 80 days for a typical urban residence, while more rural properties see a DOM closer to 10 months, depending the property’s proximity to various municipalities.

Michael Rushing – Spring Branch, TX

An outdoorsman by nature, Michael Rushing gravitated towards appraising with a desire to further his understanding of the industry. His family already had some experience in real estate and, wanting to build upon on, signed up to become an appraiser. Being able to provide a service in his home state of Texas, including rural areas, is an aspect of the job that Michael takes pride in.