Network management platform to drive increased performance for lenders and deliver a better consumer experience

Denver, CO and Buffalo, NY (October 23, 2017) – Solidifi, a leading provider of network management services for the mortgage industry, today announced that it is expanding its platform into the title and closing industry to offer new and existing clients an enhanced closing experience. By leveraging its network management capabilities, including a performance-based network of closing professionals such as notaries and attorneys, Solidifi will be able to drive better performance for lenders while providing a more professional touchpoint with consumers. This expansion of Solidifi’s platform builds on the company’s proven track record of driving performance and quality improvements in the valuations business which has made Solidifi the platform of choice for more than 60 of the top 100 lenders.

“Our clients have been asking us for a way to improve the title and closing process – from a customer experience and compliance perspective. Solidifi’s platform will deliver just that: a scalable, compliant solution that drives better performance and a superior customer experience,” said Solidifi President, Loren Cooke. “Our platform will optimize the vast and disparate network of closing professionals that work with lenders today – setting a new standard for delivering higher-quality closings on a consistent basis. Our technology and demonstrated ability to partner with field professionals will allow us to rapidly build capacity and scale for lenders.”

Designed with a focus on getting quality right at the front-end of the process, the Solidifi network management platform is an open field professional network where performance is tracked and managed in real time. Solidifi’s national network is regionally managed, and has the capacity to scale and deliver better performance across the country. Solidifi provides the breadth of expertise and local knowledge required to find the best qualified field professional for every mortgage transaction through robust credential management and scorecarding of top field professionals. The platform also features consumer field professional ratings which are integral to continually driving performance improvements.

The Company also announced that it is rebranding Linear Title & Closing to Solidifi, establishing a unified brand for its complete suite of valuation, title and closing services. Since acquiring Linear Title and Closing in April 2016, Solidifi has strengthened its title search and escrow capabilities, scaling its service offering to better meet the needs of regulated banks while delivering industry-leading compliance.

“By bringing together our proven performance standards and deep industry expertise, Solidifi now offers end-to-end valuation, title and closing capabilities supported by one of the industry’s strongest brands and a leading national independent field professional network,” concluded Cooke. “Our platform is helping lenders deliver simplicity and convenience for their customers throughout the mortgage process.”