Texas is Flourishing with Growth

Donald Ferman

The market has seen extensive growth in both residential and commercial developments. There have been multiple corporate headquarters that have moved into the area recently, including Toyota Motor Corp., Liberty Insurance, and the Dallas Cowboys organization, which opened both their main offices as well as a new training facility for the team. This growth has brought a multitude of new jobs and supporting businesses, including restaurants, retailers, and others. The population growth for Frisco in the past 12 months has increased by 9,690 new residents, and to accommodate them, the market has seen a huge number of new developments, including a trend for specialized communities. This includes developments with a multitude of mixed-type properties all being under a single development. There are also plans for eco-friendly development that will focus of energy efficiency and green materials.

In the past month, there have been a total of 273 closed sales, while inventory sits at 1430 units. The average day on market for is 54 days.

Donald Ferman – Frisco, Texas

Donald Ferman has always been interested in the appraisal industry and real estate sales. He went to Texas Tech University for Business Marketing but shortly after switched his focus to real estate, and has now been an appraiser for 15 years. He has his broker’s license, which allows him to see the big picture of how the industry runs. Donald has an extensive practical knowledge due to his fifteen plus years as an appraiser dealing with market valuation, market conditions, construction knowledge and working with mortgage lenders.